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2.Plywood Veneer Match
It is possible to achieve certain visual effects by the manner in which leaves are arranged. As noted, rotary veneers are difficult to match, therefore most matching is done with sliced veneers. Ceilings Plus will furnish "Book Matching" for all veneers except Maple."Slip Matching" will be used for Maple. Please see more as follows;
Book Match Book Match
Book Match

Every other piece of veneer used in laying up an individual panel is turned over much like the pages of a book. Thus, the meeting edges produce a matching joint with maximum continuity of grain. This can be used with either plain or quarter-sliced veneers.
Slip Matching Slip Matching
Slip Matching

Veneer sheets are joined side by side, rather than turned as in book matching, resulting in a repetition of the grain figure but with non-matching joints. The result is a panel which displays the maximum color uniformity and is commonly used with quartered and rift-sliced veneers.
Random Matching Random Matching
Random Matching

Veneer sheets are deliverately mismatched by random selection of the pieces from one or more flitches. This produces a casual or "board-like" effect.