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  HPL Plywood
HPL Plywood
Flame spread of plywood is affected by the species of the face veneer but can also be influenced by the species of the underlying core veneer. The veneer surface is very important for fire resisting. HPL plywood is a type of fire-proof plywood, HPL is a kind of engineered plastic laminates . HPL is covered onto the face or back of plywood under high pressure after the plywood has been produced.. The HPL has high temperature resistance and radiant heat resistance in addition to the other characteristics such as wear and impact resistance, water resistance, stain resistance, cleanability, durability and so on.

HPL face and back: 0.5-1.5mm

HPL color: white, black, solid color, maple, birch, cherry and other wood grain color.

Plywood Material :  Poplar , Birch , Hardwood, MDF

Sizes : 1220×2440mm, 1250×2500mm, or other custom sizes

Thickness: 4.0mm~30mm

Glue : MR , WBP , E1 , E2

Advantage and Applications

Many enough colors and designs are available

Abrasion-resistant,scratch-resistant, ray-resistant (depigmentation-resistant), stain-resistant, impact-resistant and heat-resistant


Easy to be washed and cleaned

Easy to be processed, without oil paint and waxing

For interior and exterior decoration, suitable for kitchens, cabinets, table boards, windowsills, doors and interior wall panels, ceiling.
HPL Plywood
HPL Plywood