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2.Birch Plywood
Baltic Birch plywood is not one piece of wood, but is rather made up of multiple layers of birch veneers that determine the board's thickness.
Birch plywood has many features that make it ideal for the average home builder or repairman.
Birch Plywood
Technical Data

Standard sizes:1525 x 1525 mm,2440 / 2500 x 1220 / 1250 mm
Thickness: from 3 mm up to 40,0 mm
Birch Plywood Grade: I (B), II (BB), III (CP), IV (C)
Formaldehyde emission: ?1
Density: 640 – 700 kg/m3
Moisture content: max 10 %
Feature usage:
Bending Panel
Bending Panel
Our flexible bending plywood has high elastic strength and heavy enduring capacity. So they can be easily molded according to the requirement of the applications include reception desks, curved shop counters, boat making, curved furniture, cabinet applications, kitchens curved furniture parts and fixtures such as displays in department stores, restaurants, commercial buildings and building of spiral stairways and even modem sculpture. Most times it will be overlaid in a custom application with veneer, high pressure laminate, for finished columns or other rounded or curved radius surfaces. It is still the preferred choice for many regular users of this type of product.
Die Cutting Panel
Flat Die Boards
1. Flat Die Boards
The Flat die board are widely used for various laser cutting industry, platform, each die fracture, machining industry, handcraft manufacturing, etc.
Material: birch or beech;
Size: For your convenience, We CANEX die board come in a vast array sizes, the main size is 4’×8’, 4’ ×6’ thickness: 12mm, 15mm and 18mm. and other custom sizes available.
Surface type: Raw, UV coated,Melamine coated.
With the help of our partner company, we can process and finish the flat die boards with UV polyester finish, this seals the boards from absorption of moisture, keeping them flat and clean during die-manufacturing process and in the service life of the product. and the melamine film coated is available too.
Rotary Die Boards
2. Rotary Die Boards
The rotary die board us accurate in diameter, curved degree, inside is dense, and balanced. It's used to make rotary dies for rotary die cutting machines in packing industry, so good for cutting slot onside t be inserted with rule, blade or punch. We will design and produce the die board by the customers’ drawing.
Material: Beech imported or 100% birch
Internal Diameter: 180-676mm, Length: 1800-3000mm, Thickness: 13mm
Customizes are available, we also accept the OEM, customer logo printed on the surfaces
Flooring Panel
Flooring Panel
This birch plywood is used to make multi-layer composite flooring, it can be platform (cross band without f/b veneers) or with f/b veneers. Material for this plywood is recommended with birch, eucalyptus, pine or poplar etc. Due to its strict requirement on quality, we take care of each step from choosing material till delivery, so our quality is 100% ensured! Do not worry about the moisture content of our plywood, we give drying to each veneer and keep the rate being within 10% for finished products!
Thin Birch Plywood
Thin Birch Plywood
Birch plywood is known for being a thin but strong building material that can tackle a variety of home improvement and minor construction projects.
*homogeneous surface of a consistent; *high quality;
*strong, excellent bending strength;
*light and decorative;
*easy machining and surface treatment taint and odour free
CANEX’s mission is to be the premier resource of choice for product and service solutions to targeted wood markets. We will also continue with this principle, continue to promote ourselves to service you better and better.