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Solid Wood Floorings

This is made up from 100% wood thickness can range from 10mm up to 22mm and comes in an array of species with the most popular being Oak, Beech, Maple, Ash, Cherry, most solid wood floors can be nailed down through the groove at a 35 degree angle or can be fully glued to the floor.
Engineered Floorings

Also called Structured Flooring, This is made up from 3 different layers all of which are laid on top of each other at 90 degree angles this stops the wood from expanding the bottom and middle layer usually consists of spruce wood and on top of this is a layer of real hardwood which can range in thickness from between 1.5mm and 4mm the overall thickness of structured flooring can range from 10mm to 14mm this can be laid in several ways with the most common being glue between the tongue and groove.
Laminate Floorings

Laminate floor is a hard surface floor covering which consists of more than 90% wood. An abrasion-resistant wear layer and a decorative layer which gives the floor its look are pressed onto a coreboard made of wood-based materials. Laminate floor can display the most varied styles and decors; however, wood reproductions are the most popular ones.
Lacquered Floorings

This is when the surface of the hardwood flooring is finished off with a lacquer to give the floor even better added protection. This usually consists of 3-4 layers of lacquer.

V Groove

This is a groove on the edges of the flooring and can be applied to any flooring.
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