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2.Curved Plywood
From concept sketch through production-CANEX has the capability to fully service your every furniture need,
including molded plywood, curved & bent plywood, and much more.

Our team of engineers is dedicated to working with customers from design to prototype to production and
through the life cycle of the product - total project management.We are able to offer our customers
the use of our development workshop to prototype, sample, and brainstorm to give you the opportunity to refine and perfect the design. Please consider our invitation when developing your next molded
plywood idea.

1. Customers design & Plywood Chair
Material: beech, birch and any your requirements
Glue: WBP
The logo design can be put on the backrest and veneer seating.
Curved Plywood
Curved Plywood
Curved Plywood
Curved Plywood
Curved Plywood
2. Rotary die boards
The rotary die board us accurate in diameter, curved degree, inside is dense, and balanced. It's used to
make rotary dies for rotary die cutting machines in packing industry, so good for cutting slot onside t be
inserted with rule, blade or punch. We will design and produce the die board by the customers’ drawing.
Material: Beech imported or 100% birch;
Internal Diameter: 180-676mm;
Length: 1800-3000mm;
Thickness: 13mm.
Customizes are available,we also accept the OEM, customer logo printed on the surfaces.
Rotary Die Board
Rotary Die Board
Rotary Die Board