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6.Window & Door Scantlings
Windows Scantling
Windows Scantling
Windows Scantling
The CANEX Group are specialized in the production of different species window and door scantlings in different sizes which are as customers' requirement.
The main scantlings are 3 layer Oak, Okoume, Larch and Pine window and door scantlings. It is can be do with DIN EN204 D4 glue, and type DKD,DKK and KKK. Quality can be A/A, A/B, B/C, and well sanded. The size is 72 / 63 x 86 / 95 / 120mm or other your sizes.

Specific Dimensions

Species: Pine, Larch, Okoume, Red Meranti, Maple, Oak. 3 layer window scantling,
Dimension range: thickness 12-40mm; width up to 1220mm, and length up to 6000mm; 
Main dimension:63(21+21+21) x86x800-3000mm72(24+24+24) x86x800-3000mm
Finger joint up to 6000mm, and customized sizes available;
Profile: 3 layers, outer layers solid with middle layer FJ or 3 layers all FJ;
Quality: A/B; B/C; C/C, well sanded (Sand on both sides with 100 or 120 abrasive paper) 4 sides clear of defects, vertical or semi-vertical grain;
Glued according to DIN EN204 D4;
Density: 450(kg/m3)- 920(kg/m3).





Windows Scantling

FJ Styles

The scantlings can be delivered in two different versions: 

• DKD / DKK – We fixed lengths with two continuous surface layers (DKD) or other construction
with a continuous surface layer (DKK).

• KKK - all layers finger jointed, distance between joints on outer layers no less than 210mm,
usually 6000mm length, other lengths possible.
Windows Scantlings Windows Scantlings Windows Scantlings Windows Scantling Windows Scantlings